Living in Montréal


Located far from the sea, Montréal has a continental-type climate with sharp fluctuations in temperature, hot summers and cold winters. Spring is the shortest of the seasons and goes from mid March to June. The summer, which lasts from June to September, can be very hot and humid (the average summer temperature is 25°C). At first, fall offers a spectacle of brilliant colors but then becomes rainy and cold until the end of November, when the first snowfall announces the beginning of winter.

Don’t forget that Montréal is an island and consequently, humidity is present all year round.

In the Montréal region, the period of snow coverage is from 12 to 13 weeks. The average temperature in winter is -10°C and fluctuates between -30°C and 0°C. Therefore, it is necessary to dress warmly. Inside, everything is well heated (over 20°C).

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