Admission at UdeM

Admission requirements

Undergraduate studies

To be admitted to an undergraduate program, you must have a secondary school diploma that leads to university studies. In some cases, admission depends on the success of one or more preparatory courses added to the program of study. Consult the list of undergraduate studies.

The UdeM also offers a four-year program called "bac 120". This program, which leads to a bachelor’s, consists of a transitional year designed to prepare students for the studies of their choice. The preparatory courses in the first year are selected with the assistance of an educational advisor.

Graduate programs

To be admitted to graduate programs at the UdeM, you must meet their respective requirements. Their criteria are presented in the directory of the Faculté des études supérieures (Faculty of Graduate Studies) and in certain faculty or departmental documentation. For example, a faculty or department can require letters of recommendation. Applicants are responsible for making the necessary verifications with the appropiate faculty or department before submitting their application. In all cases, the minimum requirements listed below must be respected.

For graduate programs, students must:

For doctoral programs, students must:

NOTE: The UdeM is a French-speaking institution and most of its courses are given in French. The master’s thesis and the doctoral dissertation must also be written in French, unless applicants obtain permission to write them in another language. Permission is usually requested upon admission in a letter of explanation. However, students enrolled in a language program other than French (English, Hispanic, German studies etc.) do not need this permission to write their theses in the language concerned. The Faculté des études supérieures is not required to admit all applicants who meet admission requirements.